The Achieve Web Design team consists of professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Our team members each have their own areas in which they specialize. Our team will work together to develop the best possible solution for you, our client.


  • John de la Hoz – CEO
  • Denise de la Hoz – President

Graphic Design & Web Design

  • John D. – Creative Director, HTML, Photoshop Graphic Design
  • Craig B. – HTML, ASP, Graphic Design, Java Script
  • Steve F. – HTML, Graphic Design, Flash Animation


  • Craig B. – ASP, Java Script
  • Jamey S. – ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JavaScript
  • Matias C. – ASP.NET, ASP, JavaScript
  • Rodger K. – PHP, CGI, Perl Script, Java Script

Computer Network Systems

  • Jarime W. – Network Systems Manager, Server Management, Network Technology and Service Integration



  • Cindy S.
  • Jarime W.
  • Tony B.