Supercharge Your Existing Web Site…

As recently as two years ago just putting your business on the World Wide Web may have been enough. But not anymore.

Much of our business these days are re-designs do to the following reasons:

  • Looks amateurish — staff member build it
  • Looks great but can’t be found on search engines
  • Doesn’t work and the original designer is too busy
  • People come to the first page and then leave [not sure why]

If you have a Web site but have not gotten the results you hoped for, there are at least six things which you must do to make your site succeed:

  • You must combine online marketing with cross-promotional advertising so that potential Customers will find your site. 
  • Information and links to other sites must be kept up to date. 
  • Professional graphics and text design are essential; the first impression determines how thoroughly visitors will investigate your Web site. 
  • Your site must load quickly. 
  • All aspects of your site – including forms on your site must be user-friendly and work perfectly. 
  • You must be able to analyze your site’s log files, which tell you how many visitors have accessed your site, where they went in your site, when they visited, and so on.

Today your Web visitors know what they want – Service! This means that you should:

  • Build a Web site which answers the questions most commonly asked. 
  • Develop a marketing strategy which will will bring visitors to your site and keep them coming back. 
  • Make sure your site is listed prominently in search results when people search for your competitors or for related products or services. 
  • Offer visitors to your site an opportunity to request notification about updates to your site. 
  • Make it easy for a visitor to buy your products or services – with an electronic shopping cart or whatever is appropriate for your business.

Achieve is prepared to Supercharge your current Web site and help you get the results you must have. Don’t be left behind! Your competitors may already be planning to get out in front.